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Amba: When detailed tailoring meets elaborate embroidery, a wide-ranging series of blouses — that can match almost any saree you own — is born. Amba is for the modern woman who seeks eclectic choices that match her moods. Explore our range of tastefully designed and embroidered blouses that can turn heads from the get-go.



Black and white ikat weave with a lovely tribal pattern added on the back. Elaborate mirrorwork for a striking statement. Perfect for that statement look.



Green ayiram butta paired with a lovely earthy tone for a subtle and beautiful look. Our signature embroidered pattern enlivens the piece.



When in doubt, choose black. And add a liberal dose of colour and design. This is what we did - and created a gorgeous piece! The black base acts as the perfect highlight for the red, yellow, orange and pink tones. The lovely sun-like pattern, made of smaller motifs, is literally art in wearable form. Lines of tiny paisleys on the front matka neckline and sleeves make for a pretty picture. Made from pure cotton, this blouse will keep you comfortable and cool, even as you make heads turn, and then some.



Pure cotton fabric in white, with hand-embroidered tribal motifs in teal and green, which feature our signature lotus pattern. The woven borders and embellishments around the neckline add an elegant touch. The line of small triangles in blue and green along the neckline, in particular, lend a touch of whimsy that beautifully complements the embroidered motifs. A must-have for more reasons than one!



Would you call this blue? Or a shade that brings together hues of purple and cornflower? Whatever you may say, it is a gorgeous shade no doubt! And we have made it even nicer with embroidered yellow vine-like patterns in a pretty rounded pattern all around the neckline and sleeves. The woven lines in the pure cotton fabric make it look contemporary, while the added lime-green and yellow applique make the colours pop! A definitely head-turner, and one you can't miss out on!



Pure cotton blouse in pure white for a classy and elegant look. A line of fish-like motifs are embroidered along the neckline and deep down the back, ending in a detailed paan-shaped motif. The sleeves sport a tribal pattern and black borders. Just the right mix of subtlety and dressiness to make a style statement.