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AMBA Blouses: The flagship line of Svasa, AMBA never ceases to surprise with traditional beauteous works of love, bringing forth joy & happiness to reconnect with one’s divine energy.



The most versatile colour is none other than the red. A pure deep red handloom is a fusion of two of our traditional Svasa favourite designs. The neck and the motif a revival of our oldest artwork in yellow and orange colours. The red base with a pot neck and a row of paisleys around it. Kutchi bootis all over the back. A beautiful kandangi cotton saree in yellow with an orange border completely handwoven. SUNSHINE ON RED for a radiant Wednesday morning.



The naturally dyed and traditional weave of Bhujodi is something we never stop loving ever. The tribal motif in a thick set of turmeric threads mixed with rust and outlined in brown stand bold and bring so much life into the fabric. We placed mirrors in a spaced outline with dots of brown to bring them all together. Borders in geometry and naturally coarse weaves from the village tribes bring back the most nostalgic memories of our revivals. BHUJODI AND TURMERIC is our special weave for the week.



The traditional and usual block printed fabric gets a new life as we present it differently with a back open this tims. The neck is a close one with thick embroidery and mirrors around in. The red plain border and piping in yellow.



The block printed fabric in light and dark Indigo from Bhuj is crisp and thick to feel. Processed with natural dyes its texture is soft and very versatile. Takes on any colour and makes it look as vibrant as ever. It’s a dark red and chilly red embroidery in a classic geometry patterned border with mirrors between each triangle shape throughout the front and back neckline. The sleeves are lined with mirrors and a hand blocked red and yellow border to match the embroidery. Floral tassles hand made in turmeric yellow and a bright orange gives this a versatile look and can be worn with most handloom sarees. INDIGO AND BLOCKS for a vibrant Monday.



We just could not resist creating another of our popular designs on yet another linen in black cotton. A "U" neck in front and an almond shape slit at the back. The neck is lined throughout the front and back with two rows of mirrors and milky glass beads. The red, yellow and white "Phool Bootis" as they are popularly known are inspired from the tribal artists of kutch. The ladder style stitches are used to fill the geometric shaped flowers dotted with tiny milky beads in glass. Handmade cone shaped fabrics in colours of the embroidery have been sewn together in clusters by our talented girls to create a unique tassle to hold the backdrop neck together. This versatile blouse is matched with a traditional coarsely woven antique weave from the interiors of Tamil Nadu. FLOWERS ON BLACK for that fiery start to a Sunday.



The colourful Bandhani fabric from Rajasthan in an absolute new look this time. The bright red tie and die with yellow and white is one of the most popular amongst Indian fabrics and a favourite in every woman’s wardrobe. We love the colours and the bright hues. The embroidery is a cut work in a disc shape to let the back show a bit with leaves and mirrors around it. An outline in black filled with red and green. The front is a “U” with a line of mirrors around it in bright red. The sleeves are lined with the same embroidery around it. A rich tribute to the talented artists and craftsmen of Rajasthan the land of colours and crafts.