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AND………..its BLACK. Our obsession for blacks and whites is known to all those who have been a close part of our Svasa family. We love them , we make them everyday……….and No…. we are not tired yet. The front and back of the blouse is a pin striped handwoven cotton . The front is a rounded “V” neck with a plain strip of black on which we have embroidered our beautiful border drawn from scratch by our artist Sundaram. The back has an almond shaped drop with a bright red piping to highlight the front and the back. A red chord button at the end of the drop is coiled with fabric made by our girl patiently. The sleeves are plain with an embroidered border around the sleeve. We teamed this with a simple Bengal checked saree and also another option of the ever so famour black and red ikkat saree. We can think of dozens of combinations to wear this saree with. Reach out to us if you need options to style them with and we will be happy to help. For now we are smiling like the cat that got its cream.Its a COAL AND PEARL WEDNESDAY.
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- SIZE 32:  LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 13.5", CHEST - 32", WAIST - 26", ARMHOLE - 17", BUST POINT - 9", SLEEVE LENGTH - 5.5", SLEEVE ROUND - 12.5"

- SIZE 34:  LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 14, CHEST - 34", WAIST - 29", ARMHOLE - 17.5", BUST POINT - 9", SLEEVE LENGTH - 5.5", SLEEVE ROUND - 13"

- SIZE 36:  LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 14.5", CHEST - 36", WAIST - 31", ARMHOLE - 18", BUST POINT - 9.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 5.5", SLEEVE ROUND - 13"

- SIZE 38:  LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 15", CHEST - 38", WAIST - 32", ARMHOLE - 19", BUST POINT - 10", SLEEVE LENGTH - 6.5", SLEEVE ROUND - 13.5"

- SIZE 40:  LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 15.5", CHEST - 40", WAIST - 34", ARMHOLE - 20", BUST POINT - 10", SLEEVE LENGTH - 6.5", SLEEVE ROUND - 14"

- SIZE 42:  LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 42", WAIST - 35", ARMHOLE - 20.5", BUST POINT - 10.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 6.5", SLEEVE ROUND - 14"

- SIZE 44:  LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 44", WAIST - 36", ARMHOLE - 20.5", BUST POINT - 10.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 6.5", SLEEVE ROUND - 14.5"

- SIZE 46:  LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 46", WAIST - 37", ARMHOLE - 21.5", BUST POINT - 11", SLEEVE LENGTH - 7", SLEEVE ROUND - 15.5"

This product is handcrafted and embroidered. It may display certain unevenness

that is natural owing to human engagement in the process of dyeing , weaving and needlecraft.

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The most versatile colour is none other than the green. A pure leaf green handloom is a fusion of two of our traditional Svasa favourite designs. The neck and the motif a revival of our oldest art work in yellow and orange colours. The green base with a pot neck and a row of paisleys around it. Kutchi bootis all over the back. A beautiful Kanchi cotton saree in bright yellow. TANGERINE ON GREEN for a radiant Thursday.



The block printed fabric in black with dark maroon from Bhuj is crisp and thick to feel. Processed with natural dyes its texture is coarse and very versatile. Takes on any color and makes it look as earthy as ever. Its a turmeric yellow and chilly red embroidery in a classic geometry patterned border with mirrors between each triangle shape throughout the front and back neckline. The sleeves are lined with mirrors and a thread woven yellow border to match the colors of the neckline. Floral tassles hand made in turmeric yellow and chilly red gives this a versatile look and can be worn with most handloom sarees. TURMERIC ON BLOCKS is a rustic beginning to the Tuesday.



The solid ultramarine blue fabric was the chosen one for our “REVIVAL PROJECT” from the 1990’s. This was one of the first few designs we created at Svasa in 1998…..with the 2 girls we had trained in-house for kutch embroidery. Kutch work is a traditional type of embroidery made in a geometric pattern using two steps one is a base made of cross stitches and the second is the interlacing technique where the threads are woven into the boxes without piercing the fabrics except at the end. The deep Ultramarine mercerized cotton which is a purely handwoven one was cut and stitched with a self coloured yoke in front . The cuts were highlighted in a sharp lime green color. A close neck in front and a drop neck at the back. Canary yellow threads were used to embroider the kutch border along the entire cut all through the back, neck and the front. The LIME GREEN transparent Maheshwari saree was our best choice to drape with this bold blouse. A sharp summer combination for all occasions and for those women who love bold contrasts.



Mehendi green Kanchi cotton with a paisley border around the neck and sleeves filled with a deep Rose pink is a combination no Indian woman can resist. The back has a rounded “V” neck with tassles hand made by our girls. The saree is a gorgeous Rose pink “Airam butta” that drapes like a dream and matches with the blouse like no other. As we draped this on our girl Deeksha we were over the moon with how beautiful she made this combination look . What better way to begin a Monday morning with the freshness of colors and fragrance of jasmine. MEHENDI WITH ROSE for a week filled with calm.