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Red yardage is a regular shade but versatile to match with all sarees. Green colour threads embroidered into a creeper design twining all over the upper back and front. A thread woven border in colours to match runs across the back. Round fabric pearl buttons in green along the front. CREEPERS ON RED for a beautiful day ahead.
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- SIZE 32: LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 13.5", CHEST - 32", WAIST - 26", ARMHOLE - 17", BUST POINT - 9", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 9"

- SIZE 34: LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 14", CHEST - 34", WAIST - 29", ARMHOLE - 17.5", BUST POINT - 9", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 10"

- SIZE 36: LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 14.5", CHEST - 36", WAIST - 31", ARMHOLE - 18", BUST POINT - 9.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 11"

- SIZE 38: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 15", CHEST - 38", WAIST - 32", ARMHOLE - 19", BUST POINT - 10", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 11.5"

- SIZE 40: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 15.5", CHEST - 40", WAIST - 34", ARMHOLE - 20", BUST POINT - 10", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 12"

- SIZE 42: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 42", WAIST - 35", ARMHOLE - 20.5", BUST POINT - 10.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 12.5"

- SIZE 44: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 44", WAIST - 36", ARMHOLE - 20.5", BUST POINT - 10.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 13.5"

- SIZE 46: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 46", WAIST - 37", ARMHOLE - 21.5", BUST POINT - 11", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 14"

Our artisans creatively hand embroider, hand paint and hand print the blouses that come to you from the design house of SVASA. We use hand woven fabric extensively. You may notice very minute, almost insignificant flaws in the crafts since they are all handmade. We urge our patrons to overlook a few human errors that may have occurred in the process. Our aspirations are towards an empowered society, focusing on keeping traditional needlecraft alive for a long time to come.

Dispatched in a maximum of 9 business days.

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The block printed fabric in black with dark maroon from Bhuj is crisp and thick to feel. Processed with natural dyes its texture is coarse and very versatile. Takes on any color and makes it look as earthy as ever. Its a turmeric yellow and chilly red embroidery in a classic geometry patterned border with mirrors between each triangle shape throughout the front and back neckline. The sleeves are lined with mirrors and a thread woven yellow border to match the colors of the neckline. Floral tassles hand made in turmeric yellow and chilly red gives this a versatile look and can be worn with most handloom sarees. TURMERIC ON BLOCKS is a rustic beginning to the Tuesday.



A pleasant green colour fabric in pure handloom embroidered in deep violet with a bit of mustard yellow. A deep ā€œUā€ neck at the back and front. The neck is lined with mirrors also embroidered in deep purple. The drape is a beautiful and rich violet with mustard checks. The traditional kandangi weave woven thick completely by hand takes this combination to another level. OLIVE AND VIOLET is our beautiful creation for this festival season.



We are nothing at Svasa without our blacks and whites. The ever-popular black linen is our weekend love. Beautiful and intricately embroidered in ivory threads with an all over creeper design studded with mirrors all in white and ash colour. Trims in thin red colour. We draped a regal linen saree in white and silver. EBONY AND IVORY for that unusual but elegant fusion.



Handloom stripes in blue with woven borders in yellow and blue fuse perfectly with each other. Three bold tribal motifs embroidered in orange yellow and blue. Studded with mirror work around the front through the wide ā€œUā€ neck. The sleeves have woven borders around it. Tiny fabric buttons in a vertical line at the back. STRIPES AND BLUE an unusual and elegant mix of colours.