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The precious Indigo plant has been a huge part of our designer dreams. The green leaves of the INDIGO plant when processed turns into a brilliant blue . This dyed fabric is the most beautiful base and can take on most primary and tertiary colors with ease. It creates a bold or a subtle statement depending on the mood we want to portray. A high back and simple “U” front neck . Our tiny , tiny mirrors are back to line the neck. The trims are in red, bright red and a mustard yellow. Zig zag needle stitches were worked on the trims by our girls to highlight the neckline . Dots of ivory threads were embedded in between the tiny mirror lines. The flower printed in white on INDIGO is lined with a tinge of gold kora. While working with handmade indigo printed with kora our factory has gold dust sprinkled all over as we get scissors happy and cut into this yardage. Its literally gold and glitter like blessings on us. To keep up with the vibrant mood for the week we have paired this with a pure coarse cotton Kandangi checks cotton saree from Karaikudi . As we put this look together we realized it was the person who wears it that creates the magic. As our model transformed this into the most explosive burst of colors. We are blown away
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- SIZE 32: LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 13.5", CHEST - 32", WAIST - 26", ARMHOLE - 17", BUST POINT - 9", SLEEVE LENGTH - 5.5", SLEEVE ROUND - 12.5"

- SIZE 34: LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 14", CHEST - 34", WAIST - 29", ARMHOLE - 17.5", BUST POINT - 9", SLEEVE LENGTH - 5.5", SLEEVE ROUND - 13"

- SIZE 36: LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 14.5", CHEST - 36", WAIST - 31", ARMHOLE - 18", BUST POINT - 9.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 5.5", SLEEVE ROUND - 13"

- SIZE 38: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 15", CHEST - 38", WAIST - 32", ARMHOLE - 19", BUST POINT - 10", SLEEVE LENGTH - 6.5", SLEEVE ROUND - 13.5"

- SIZE 40: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 15.5", CHEST - 40", WAIST - 34", ARMHOLE - 20", BUST POINT - 10", SLEEVE LENGTH - 6.5", SLEEVE ROUND - 14"

- SIZE 42: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 42", WAIST - 35", ARMHOLE - 20.5", BUST POINT - 10.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 6.5", SLEEVE ROUND - 14"

- SIZE 44: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 44", WAIST - 36", ARMHOLE - 20.5", BUST POINT - 10.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 6.5", SLEEVE ROUND - 14.5"

- SIZE 46: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 46", WAIST - 37", ARMHOLE - 21.5", BUST POINT - 11", SLEEVE LENGTH - 7", SLEEVE ROUND - 15.5"

Our artisans creatively hand embroider, hand paint and hand print the blouses that come to you from the design house of SVASA. We use hand woven fabric extensively. You may notice very minute, almost insignificant flaws in the crafts since they are all handmade. We urge our patrons to overlook a few human errors that may have occurred in the process. Our aspirations are towards an empowered society, focusing on keeping traditional needlecraft alive for a long time to come.

Dispatched in a maximum of 9 business days.

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FOUR FLOWER is to Svasa what a Queen is to her Kingdom. This time it’s a black linen with deep pink and chilly red colored embroidery. There is so much written and said about FOUR FLOWER . This creation gave us our first success at blouses and there was no looking back post that. The bright pink shaded simple cotton kora saree and the FOUR FLOWER blouse to go with it is all you need to feel like a Queen . Refreshing and comforting this combination is our all time favourite…….we are pleased as PUNCH.



On popular demand we create another for the RED DOT series. A more rustic and easy to wear for the summers. A high neck with a needle slit at the back highlighted with “takka” stitches in black thread. The RED DOT in chilly red color is circled with “takka “ stitches and a kutch border in a fiery orange. Tribal mirror work to hold it together in the centre. The fabric is an off white handloom from the villages of Andhra Pradesh. Thin red piping using chord adds class to the cuts. We have teamed this with the “TELIA RUMAL” saree . This as you all are familiar with is for the STRONG WOMAN that do not have attitudes………..ONLY STANDARDS. We stay strong through turbulent times and work on @Calm.



Embroidery in vertical lines in a yoke pattern at the back . The blouse a rich and block printed indigo that is versatile to wear anytime and for any occasion.