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The stripes fabric was quiet and sober until we brought it to life with a deep “U” neck with embroidered leaves in two colours of red and orange with a yellow base. The mirrors were lined up in black and an electric blue around the border in geometry. The sleeves were fused with a matching ikkat, a broad and plain blue cuff. LEAVES WITH BLUE created an extraordinary medley of colours to our soft stripes.
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- SIZE 32: LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 13.5", CHEST - 32", WAIST - 26", ARMHOLE - 17", BUST POINT - 9", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 9"

- SIZE 34: LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 14", CHEST - 34", WAIST - 29", ARMHOLE - 17.5", BUST POINT - 9", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 10"

- SIZE 36: LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 14.5", CHEST - 36", WAIST - 31", ARMHOLE - 18", BUST POINT - 9.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 11"

- SIZE 38: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 15", CHEST - 38", WAIST - 32", ARMHOLE - 19", BUST POINT - 10", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 11.5"

- SIZE 40: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 15.5", CHEST - 40", WAIST - 34", ARMHOLE - 20", BUST POINT - 10", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 12"

- SIZE 42: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 42", WAIST - 35", ARMHOLE - 20.5", BUST POINT - 10.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 12.5"

- SIZE 44: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 44", WAIST - 36", ARMHOLE - 20.5", BUST POINT - 10.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 13.5"

- SIZE 46: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 46", WAIST - 37", ARMHOLE - 21.5", BUST POINT - 11", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 14"

Our artisans creatively hand embroider, hand paint and hand print the blouses that come to you from the design house of SVASA. We use hand woven fabric extensively. You may notice very minute, almost insignificant flaws in the crafts since they are all handmade. We urge our patrons to overlook a few human errors that may have occurred in the process. Our aspirations are towards an empowered society, focusing on keeping traditional needlecraft alive for a long time to come.

Dispatched in a maximum of 9 business days.

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The block printed fabric in black with dark maroon from Bhuj is crisp and thick to feel. Processed with natural dyes its texture is coarse and very versatile. Takes on any color and makes it look as earthy as ever. Its a turmeric yellow and chilly red embroidery in a classic geometry patterned border with mirrors between each triangle shape throughout the front and back neckline. The sleeves are lined with mirrors and a thread woven yellow border to match the colors of the neckline. Floral tassles hand made in turmeric yellow and chilly red gives this a versatile look and can be worn with most handloom sarees. TURMERIC ON BLOCKS is a rustic beginning to the Tuesday.



The fabric is a pure Ajrakh. Soft textured and so very rare to find. We only had a few metres left. A Bhopali styled yoke in deep garnet red bordered with mirrors slightly bold this time in black. Fine piping in a bright orange just to give it that thin line to define the cut. The back has a rectangle yoke too with a needle slit for comfort. The sleeve lined with two rows of mirrors placed parallel. The ever traditional kandangi saree in small checks with shades of GREEN and mustard make this creation worth its wait. It’s a happy Sunday with AKRAKH AND TOPAZ



The green ikkat is a festive colour with a a double neck and a tie up. The neck is bordered with a turmeric yellow patch embroidered with green threads and a burnt orange outline. A neatly designed vine pattern with flowers and paisleys studded with tiny mirrors. The tie up is a handmade happy bunch of fabric bits tied into a tassle. The sleeve is made from a traditional kanchi cotton “veldhari” weave in turmeric yellow with traditional rudraksham woven borders. EMERALD AND TURMERIC for a joyful beginning to a beautiful day.



Ikkats need no introduction but this one does because of the colours in which it has been woven and fused. A tangy orange, a bright yellow and another shade of milder orange. We decided to revive our old “twin mango” motifs into this classy combination of yellow on orange and orange on yellow. The black outline brought them together like nothing else. FLAME AND PAISLEYS for a fiery start to the Thursday.