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Cotton fabric has been India's pride from the eons and the beautiful Mangalgiri is just one of our many counts. This series in Magalgiri from SVASA maintain the design of the twin mango motif. The vibrant melange of Mangalgiri cotton colours must find its space in everyone's wardrobe. The Ash & Black, the Maroon & Mustered yellow, The variants of blue, the green and yellow are all dotted with small mirror works at the back. The sleeves are smart, short with well thought out contrasting borders
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- Size 42: Length - 15.5in, Bust - 40in, Waist - 34in, Shoulder - 15in,Sleeve Length - 6.2in
- Size 40: Length - 15in, Bust - 38in, Waist - 33in, Shoulder - 14.5in,Sleeve Length - 6.5in
- Size 38: Length - 14.5in, Bust - 36in, Waist - 31in, Shoulder - 14in,Sleeve Length - 6.5in
- Size 36: Length - 14.5in, Bust - 35in, Waist - 30in, Shoulder - 13.5in,Sleeve Length - 5.5in
- Size 34: Length - 14.5in, Bust - 32in, Waist - 28in, Shoulder - 13in,Sleeve Length - 5.2in

This product is handcrafted and embroidered. It may display certain unevenness

that is natural owing to human engagement in the process of dyeing , weaving and needlecraft.