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What's a wardrobe without a RED in there? A Cherry red blouse in handloom cotton gets creative with floral fuchsia fabric buttons with yellow pearls in the center. The neck is a simple BOAT.
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- SIZE 32: LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 13.5", CHEST - 32", WAIST - 26", ARMHOLE - 17", BUST POINT - 9", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 9"

- SIZE 34: LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 14", CHEST - 34", WAIST - 29", ARMHOLE - 17.5", BUST POINT - 9", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 10"

- SIZE 36: LENGTH - 14.5", SHOULDER - 14.5", CHEST - 36", WAIST - 31", ARMHOLE - 18", BUST POINT - 9.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 11"

- SIZE 38: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 15", CHEST - 38", WAIST - 32", ARMHOLE - 19", BUST POINT - 10", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 11.5"

- SIZE 40: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 15.5", CHEST - 40", WAIST - 34", ARMHOLE - 20", BUST POINT - 10", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 12"

- SIZE 42: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 42", WAIST - 35", ARMHOLE - 20.5", BUST POINT - 10.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 12.5"

- SIZE 44: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 44", WAIST - 36", ARMHOLE - 20.5", BUST POINT - 10.5", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 13.5"

- SIZE 46: LENGTH - 15", SHOULDER - 16", CHEST - 46", WAIST - 37", ARMHOLE - 21.5", BUST POINT - 11", SLEEVE LENGTH - 12", SLEEVE ROUND - 14"

Our artisans creatively hand embroider, hand paint and hand print the blouses that come to you from the design house of SVASA. We use hand woven fabric extensively. You may notice very minute, almost insignificant flaws in the crafts since they are all handmade. We urge our patrons to overlook a few human errors that may have occurred in the process. Our aspirations are towards an empowered society, focusing on keeping traditional needlecraft alive for a long time to come.

Dispatched in a maximum of 9 business days.

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WOMEN SAREES AND KANJIVARAM………Everytime a friend makes a trip to TAMIL NADU a Kanjivaram saree is the top priority. Coffee and the traditional tamil lunch served on banana leaves can wait. On one such trip the two of us (my friend and I) met after almost 25 years . We were chatting nineteen to the dozen in the car as we drove to the saree store. So much to catch up on and so much to say to each other……….nothing had changed.. there was no gap , no signs of having grown up . The moment we reached the store and started looking at kanchi cotton sarees there was pin drop silence, we had nothing to say to each other …..the temple border sarees completely held our attention . We can never go wrong with these. Their traditional colors and vibrant hues can change any dull or boring moment into a cheerful and happy one. This strawberry pink and sunshine yellow blouse is really our ray of sunshine during these dull lockdown days. The border had enough space to hold our go-to motif of all times. The border on either side of the motif was embroidered in a geometric pattern to keep up with symmetry of our temple design. The neck had a pencil slit closed on the top just a wee bit to keep the slit showing. The spaced out tiny mirrors were used to highlight the neckline. The blouse is matched with a traditional turmeric yellow cotton saree with the quintessential Ganga Jamuna in a kumkum red and black silk temple border on either side. WE cant take our eyes of our beautiful model. She makes all our hardwork so worth our while. Traditional yet CHIC.



Our weaver had brought this handloom mercerised cotton to us in the most unusual color LILAC. When we work with handloom sarees you very rarely can find a lilac blouse that would match a saree. One of our girls found a BOUGAINVILLA shrub right near the factory and the flower matched this lilac to the T. That's exactly how this fabric got back to the top from under the pile. This raised our curiosity to experiment with never before colors. We decided to give the popular "Phool Bhooti" design another combination in vibrant colors but on a soft LILAC base this time. The flowers in vivid violet, and Tuscan yellow with mirrors in Lapis blue. Milky white glass beads line the mirrors and dot the flowers. Create @ CALM has changed the way we look at pastel colors now. This LILAC BOUGAINVILLA should match many sarees in your closet....the violets.....the yellows......the indigos........ even a white .



Yellow is the color of freshness and positivity . A mercerised cotton with a beautiful shine was cut in a roundish "V" shape in front. All over design in front with leaves and creepers was embroidered in ivory white and a pasty white. The back was kept high and dotted with single kutch motifs in white. The sleeves highlighted with a paisely design again in vanilla white. SUNFLOWER a bloom with the morning sun is the freshest part of our lives @Calm. We have teamed it with a beautiful Bengal weave saree in white and black.



Off white handwoven cotton with a drop at the back in black and white mercerized ikkat. A beautiful border embroidered in jet black from our collection of borders lines the neck and around the drop. The sleeves are in fine mercerized ikkat with a thin piping in turmeric yellow. As we put this look together we thought an ever popular Dhonekali saree would be most apt to drape it with. Our dearest friend Deeksha… well she’s almost like family was ever willing to showcase this for us. Our joy was doubled and we excitedly jumped at the opportunity to shoot this look with her. Deeksha simply transformed this look into a gorgeous summer wear and for us an absolute dream come true. DROP ON WHITE is our crisp Monday magic.