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Tara : Colourful silks, exquisite detailing and elegant touches  - the Tara range of pure silk blouses are each statement pieces on their own.  Rich and regal, they complement all types of silk sariseffotlessly and are sure to make the werer stand out from the crowd.  In fact, we may go so far to say they will take pride of place only next to the ornaments in a lady's  wardrobe.



The name says it all! A truly classic combination that will match probably every single sari in your wardrobe for years to come! We have put together this beautiful ensemble in pure silk, in shades of ivory and emerald. The traditional floral-patterned motif embroidered on the sleeves, along with the diamond weave-like pattern, makes for a stunning addition. The temple borders add a distinctive old-world-charm vibe. Lines of mirror work and bunches of colourful tassels add a touch of whimsy. A gorgeous piece that is bound to turn more heads than you can count!



A pure silk blouse in red in the patola weave featuring deer and bird motifs. Bands of orange add a subtle contrast while a beautiful purple zari border acts as an accent. A large embroidered paisley motif with mirror work is the highlight of the piece. Mirror work all over. Rich, regal - a piece made for days when you need elegance and glam in one.



Pure silk Kanjivaram yardage in emerald green, woven to perfection, forms a rich base. A pot patch yoke at the back with intricate work in antique gold with tiny beads sewn into the motifs perfectly. Rounded "V" neck in front with gold embroidery in a line. A classy piece for that very special occasion!



A pure silk blouse in black and grey- a combination that spells "elegance" at first sight. With temple borders, mirror work, matching tassels and attractive embroidery on the sleeves, we have made this a piece that will serve as a conversation starter, no matter where you are!



A pure silk blouse in a striking lime green, paired with bright peachy pink - a visually arresting combination! We have added temple borders, our signature hand-embroidered kolam patterns and a line of line of elaborate embroidery along the neckline. This is a classic piece that can be work with grand or subtle saris - and will hold its own just as beautifully in each pairing.



A pure silk blouse in 'MS blue', a colour that takes its reference from the renowned Carnatic musician, with borders in fuschia pink. A combination that never fails to please! The zari borders feature the classic Annam (peacock) motifs - and we have added embroidered touches to make it a sheer classic!