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Tara : Colourful silks, exquisite detailing and elegant touches  - the Tara range of pure silk blouses are each statement pieces on their own.  Rich and regal, they complement all types of silk sariseffotlessly and are sure to make the werer stand out from the crowd.  In fact, we may go so far to say they will take pride of place only next to the ornaments in a lady's  wardrobe.



An absolutely gorgeous Korvai pure silk Kanjivaram in a vibrant orange with a fuchsia border . The broad border gave us the space to create the twin peacocks from our revival looks. Embroidered in yellow and orange with an outline in black, with tiny mirrors studded around the neck in a rounded slit. PEACOCKS ON TANGERINE - A vibrant and classy creation.



Light mint green pure Kanjivaram silk with a calm and pastel peach brocade. Cut in a pot shaped "U " neck with embroidery in intricate motifs in pink and peach with a dash of gold. A lotus shaped motif completes the look. Handmade tassles in colors to match. MINT AND BROCADE pastels in silk.



An ash grey pure tussar silk with an almond drop at the back. Embroidery in geometric design around the neck with a bit of blue to match. A block printed border in the most subtle blue to bring the whole look together. motifs on sleeves embroidered in ivory and blue. PASTEL IN TUSSAR classy and pastel.



A royal blue tussar silk cut in a "U" at the back. Mirrors in gold embroidered in semi circles all around the back. Hand block printed fabric in green checks with black stripes for the sleeves. BLUE AND BLOCKS a mix of royal hues



Salmon pink pure silk weave with a sleeve in deep maroon brocade. Cut in a deep drop at the back and intricately embroidered in geometric borders in colors to match with dots of gold. A handmade button to hold the drop together. SALMON AND ARAKU gorgeous and unusual mix of beautiful hues.



Cool Ash colored pure kanjivaram silk weave with turmeric yellow korvai on the sleeves. Rows of mirrors embroidered around the neck. Paisleys in red with a dash of black. ASH AND TURMERIC a calm yet vibrant mix of hues.