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Svra : For all those times when you want to dress up but not too much.  For all those occassions that are cosy and close.  For all those days when less is truly more.  Our Svra range of minimal silk blouses are the perfect fit for all those times and days.  Go monotone or choose to indulge in colour blocking with these minimal pure silk blouses - and make a statement all your own !

SVRA 118


Violet silk with a yellow Korvai border woven with pink annams. Peacocks with mirrors and embroidered in pink, green and yellow colors with mirrors all over.

SVRA 117


A traditional "palum pazhamum" checks fused with a mild orange and green on the sleeves. Tiny mirrors embroidered all over with pleats on sleeves. The most festive combination for the season .

SVRA 116


Pure orange with fuchsia Kanjeevaram silk. Tiny paisley motifs embdoidered alternately in emerald green and pink. Fabric buttons vertically at the back and tiny mirrors for that little glitter.

SVRA 115


Chilly Red pure silk Kanjivaram with a blue Korvai border. Motifs with mirrors in bunches embroidered all over . Mirrors for that glitter too.

SVRA 114


An ivory silk in pure Kanjivaram with a kolam motif emboidered at the back in shades of light and deep blue. Dots in red and borders in deep blue the sleeves to match. Traditional and cool for the festivities.

SVRA 113


Violet and blue mixed korvai pure Kanjivaram silk. Sleeves in a turmeric yellow with a motif in blue and green embroidered inticately. An almond neck cut at the back with fabric buttons in yellow