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SVASA recreates echoes from the past. A potpourri of extremely beautiful needlecraft from across India is showcased in each piece that is created. It’s a revival of delicate and eclectic, traditional threadworks of the bygone eras.

Come travel with us and discover the intricate motifs, elegantly hand embroidered and painstakingly crafted by SVASA’S team of artisans. They work diligently to rewrite stories around the ancient garment of India, famously known as ‘THE BLOUSE’, attire akin to a jacket. The BLOUSE is elegant in its form, complementing, while being paired with the world famous Indian wrap - around called the Saree.

Blouses from SVASA are unique, stylish and never fail to make a statement.

The fabric used by the design firm is AU NATURAL with woven handloom cotton, silk and linen being the mainstay. Colourful as well as pastel shades vie for each other in the creations. The materials used are from the vast landscape of India across Chettinad and Mangalgiri cottons, Khun from Karnataka, Ikkat from Odisha, Chanderi and Maheshwari silks from Madhya Pradesh and numerous others. Traditional embroidery works of Kutch, Kantha, Aari, and Applique are reconstituted artistically.

Delivering bespoke, traditionally handcrafted designer wear blouses, SVASA imagines the possibilities and translates a garment to an exquisite piece that is highly worthy of a conversation. Here, the three elements of the delicate, the bold and the beautiful are infused to create a PIECE DE RESISTANCE.

Through Svasa’s deep involvement of many years of crafting bejeweled blouses, three distinct lines blossomed, that breathes SVASA’S love for great Indian weaves, handloom and needlecraft. The momentum to bring awareness of the distinctive weaves and threadworks of Indian heritage continues with Svasa.

AMBA; The flagship line of Svasa, AMBA never ceases to surprise with traditional beauteous works of love, bringing forth joy & happiness to reconnect with one’s divine energy.

SVATVI; A fine line loaded with attitude, it has been single-mindedly designed for those who find good Art irresistible and appreciate detailing. Seldom, a SVATVI is repeated.

VRITTI; This is an offering for the young ladies who revere the idea of wearing a saree. The mood here is young, carefree and joyful.

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Black linen fabric is always a must in any designer's work studio. Every centimetre of black fabric will somehow find its place into most ensembles. This onyx black linen has been embroidered with an all over design in front with leaves and creepers using a vanilla white cotton thread to give it a Matt finish. A black with white embroidered blouse can be matched with most saree colors including the transparent silks from Maheswar for example. The back is cut deep in a leaf shaped drop using black and white striped khadi. Another floral paisely motif on the sleeves in white. Our girl has worn a simple saree in checks . We have also matched it for occasion wear with a beautiful tussar woven from the looms of Gopalpur in Odisha. It's called the "Phoda Khumba" which is similar to the "Korvai" . To create the look and weave it's Tussar on the warp and silk on the weft. Drape on ladies BLACK ONYX needs no occasion.



The most versatile colour is none other than the green. A pure leaf green handloom is a fusion of two of our traditional Svasa favourite designs. The neck and the motif a revival of our oldest art work in yellow and orange colours. The green base with a pot neck and a row of paisleys around it. Kutchi bootis all over the back. A beautiful Kanchi cotton saree in bright yellow. TANGERINE ON GREEN for a radiant Thursday.



The block printed fabric in black with dark maroon from Bhuj is crisp and thick to feel. Processed with natural dyes its texture is coarse and very versatile. Takes on any color and makes it look as earthy as ever. Its a turmeric yellow and chilly red embroidery in a classic geometry patterned border with mirrors between each triangle shape throughout the front and back neckline. The sleeves are lined with mirrors and a thread woven yellow border to match the colors of the neckline. Floral tassles hand made in turmeric yellow and chilly red gives this a versatile look and can be worn with most handloom sarees. TURMERIC ON BLOCKS is a rustic beginning to the Tuesday.



The Slate colour handpainted Kalamkari in crepe silk with flowers in ivory. The yoke a deep amber colour and a wide “U” neck for a difference. We embroidered the yoke in tiny mirror borders and coil shaped lines in red and orange mixed together for that shaded effect. A wide and deep back too also embroidered with a bunched-up fabric tassles in cone shapes of orange, red and golden yellow. The sleeves were also similarly embroidered to match the neck. An unusual design on a unique piece of art our SLATE AND AMBER is the best way to begin the Sunday.